7 New and Old Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Mulled Cider You will need: -Mulling spice (a mix of cinnamon, orange rind, and whole allspice and cloves) -A large saucepan or crockpot -A gallon of apple juice or cider (store-bought or homemade) -About 20 minutes to let it steep Pour your apple juice/cider in with the appropriate amount of mix (mine calls for 1 tbs but I used 1 1/2 for 1 gallon). I used a clean teastrainer for loose leaf tea for the mix, but if you don't have one be sure to strain the spices out before you serve. Let simmer for 20 minutes, then enjoy! Best served hot from the pot and enjoyed with your favorite book, movie, or person.Sparkling Cranberry "Cocktail" You will need: -A bottle of unflavored mineral water (I used San Pallegrino) -No sugar added Cranberry juice (I used Ocean Spray) -An orange or tangerine peel slice -A fancy glass to pour it in Its as easy as combining your mineral water with cranberry juice. Use the classic bartender move and garnish your drink with citrus peel after expressing some of the oils into the empty glass by squeezing it. I fill about 3/4 of the glass with very cold cranberry juice and fill the rest with equally cold mineral water. You can -almost- trick yourself into believing you are having a cocktail! This way you can still have something bitter and fizzy that hits all the right notes that having a glass of sparkling wine or a vodka cranberry does. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary or candied cranberries instead of an orange peel if you want to getreally fancy!



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